Here She Comes A Running by Dave Gunning

My friend Jimmy, introduced me to the music of Dave Gunning through this video I posted today. Here She Comes A Running is a wonderful song.  Since then I have checked out sources of information about him. I have a friend who lives in Pictou Nova Scotia.  I sent him a message just now to see if I can track this guy down. I already posted this video on Irish Country Music Radio forum on facebook. So far there have been positive responses.  I like the fact that he likes to tell stories of musicians he met along the way. Holding the attention of the audience between songs is an added talent!


I was able to chat with Layne. He is working on a summer job, so late nights are the best time to catch him.  Here’s the part of the conversation. I didn’t want to make too much  editing because this is how we talk:

Hi Layne are you familiar with Dave Gunning? It says he is from Pictou Nova Scotia. So you might have heard of him. I am posting a lil something about him.

Yes! I know Dave! I recorded some demos in his studio before. He’s probably the nicest guy on the planet.

OMG that is awesome! I posted a little tribute about his music. How was it like meeting the guy?

It was really cool, he’s really laid back, and he’s an awesome producer. Really knows his stuff. I run into him from time to time, and he always remembers who I am, and he always asks about how gigs are going and things.

You are both from the same place right? Do you think the place itself brings out the best in people?

This community has some of the best music teachers I’ve ever met. I think that it’s largely the support and the help that so many people have with making music. It’s awesome.

Hmm…any idea what else do we need to add?

Not any I can think of. :S He did win some awards recently, a producer award I think. 

Layne is currently putting ideas for his new EP.

Recent update from Dave:

Hello everyone,
There’s lots of stuff happening right now. Just finishing up my new recording called “No More Pennies” as well as a children’s book based on the song “These Hands”.

The Kerrville Folk Festival was amazing again this year and I found it hard to leave there. Tim Mason, who helped put together the history booth at Kerrville, played me some incredible sound bites of folks recounting their final night spent with Stan Rogers at the festival. It was very powerful.

This Stanfest is going to be an extra special one for me because we’re shooting a video at the festival for “These Hands”. The video is being professional shot and produced but we’re also going to have some fun with it by to asking folks in the crowd to record videos using their Smart Phones. We’ll provide a link where folks can upload their videos and we’ll use them in the final edit of the video that we’re creating. We’re hoping to end up with some really cool things like shots of the crowd singing along, kids playing, people huggin’ and dancin’ and whatever neat things get captured during the concert and the festival in general.
See you all soon.


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