Keltiac: Tripping the Sonic Eden

Keltiac might be the next exciting thing after Afro Celt Sound System…or so much more? You be the judge.

After listening to the sample tracks of Chris Dawson’s project band Keltiac, I am convinced that buying the CD Out on the Edge is a good idea. If mp3 files can make you feel the extravagant sounds, think about what the richness of the CD recording is capable of doing. All the elements work together. The tracks sound like they have been rehearsed a hundred times before being recorded. The sound quality is excellent. The production bends towards slickness, yet every strand of sound seems wispy with detail.

Out on the Edge-radio edit is a testament to those excellent arrangements and production techniques. Most of the tracks like Dragon’s Breath and Road to Coimbra are winners. The band is approaching the territory of world music yet never losing their Irish and Scottish folk roots. I recommend Keltiac to listeners who love bands like Kila, Afro Celts Sound System and Dead Can Dance.


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