Ghost Head Revival

Combining acoustic alternative and traditional styles, Ghost Head Revival is a trio that brings freshness to the Irish music scene and  beyond.

It’s been three years since the release of Vista Point (read my interview with Karl Nesbitt for more info:…). It is great to see this multi-instrumental artist explore musical styles.

His new trio Ghost Head Revival, combines traditional elements with adult alternative freshness. Karl has collaborated with many musicians in the Irish music scene. He is part of Tremolo and the band is very  active these days.

This video will tell you that these guys have something fresh to offer in the  music scene.

Watch out for tracks on the band page soon:


Ghosthead Revival (James Gornall/Clint Fitzgerald/Karl Nesbitt) are an eclectic acoustic trio – blending songwriting, instrumental and world music. Dynamic, sensitive and powerful, the trio is committed to reviving the more “Grass roots” techniques of recording, arrangement and performance. With up to seven different instruments between them, and many more influences, Ghosthead Revival are an exciting new act combining originals and re-invented covers.


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