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Irish musicians make great tracks with this band!

Clanú is a four piece band that needs your best audio speakers. They play slow and fast tunes. These musicians also add atmosphere to every track. Clanú combines Irish trad music and Bluegrass. You will  love the vocals too. Songs like the moving Bruach na carriage baine has cinematic appeal. The Outlaw Joseph Emmet sounds like something out of a Western movie. Into the Sun glides playfully into your mood. She Came To Me Softly is a ballad laden with beautiful vocals and excellent instrumental arrangement. The House Set is a jig rooted to the band’s love for traditional music. Slow Whiskey is a slow remake of Whiskey in the Jar which is refreshing to listen to.

They are based in Belfast.  I attached links below where you can get resources about these guys. You can contact the band through

clanu@mcilroyguitars.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/clanumusic http://www.myspace.com/clanu Download Ancient Walls from itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/ancient-walls/id420714616


Clanú are a four piece band spanning two generations and the influences of each generation comes through in their music. From the fast paced modern Trad of Damian and Niall to the even faster contemporary folk and bluegrass sound (or greengrass as we call it) of Dee and Barry. With the wide range of instruments they play, they manage to produce a sound which enthralls crowds around the country and beyond. Add to this the song-writing and tune-writing capabilities that all the members possess and you have a unique yet familiar trad / folk sound that will have you dancing, singing or crying and sometimes all at the same time.