Greensky Bluegrass:Gin, Honey And A Taste Of Americana For You!

Greensky Bluegrass chasing the clouds away!

The awful weather makes people sick these days. The time to celebrate comes after the brooding period.You agree with me don’t you? To everyone out there who had gone through the rough times, I am sure you all come to a point when you just want to get up and dance. Ok I am closing my eyes and telepathically calling for more sweetness my way. Oooommmm! Oooom!  Meditate, concentrate, let the mind become a magnet for positivism.Yes folks more sweetness please and you shall get sweetness in return. I just hope my karma counter is doing good for running this site 🙂

I found this bluegrass band after searching for something uplifting. If you are depressed or sick, I recommend you listen to this style of music and your blues will go away. Well, I can’t say that it is the answer to end all wars in the world but it is a good pill. Even the name feels good ” Greensky Bluegrass“. They even have vinyl pressings for their new album! They are part puritans and part innovators. They love the tried and tested highway of American music but they veer off once in a while to add freshness to their repertoire.

My fingers  move through the keys emulating the banjo while typing this article. My neck moves to the rhythm. The sound just catches you with a smile. Yes it is all gin, honey and the green grass of home. This quintet is from Michigan, the home of my dear friend Christi.


If you’re familiar with bluegrass music, then you’re tuned in to some of what Greensky Bluegrass does. They’re also known to throw a great party, rock n roll, and (if the critics are to be believed) they have great songs. They are unquestionably a team of friends that traverse the country making music they enjoy. What makes Greensky different than Bluegrass? Poignant rural ballads about real people? Dobro tone that Jerry (Douglas or Garcia) would love? Distortion Pedals? Grit and attitude from a whiskey soaked card game? Indeed, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This quintet from Michigan has been staying up late at all the coolest festivals and stopping to play your favorite clubs and theaters across America for 11 years now. Nearly 175 shows per year has prepared them for the rigorous task of continuity. Greensky Bluegrass isn’t slowing down. “They’re coming to your town to help you party down.” Yeah. Really. Like you never thought possible.

At the start of the millenium,some of these guys met, then they met more guys. They thought Greensky was a clever name for a bluegrass band. Fast forward to 2011 when they recorded their fourth studio record, called Handguns. Among them, words like, “proud,” “killer,” and “damn right!” have been spoken in regards to the music of Handguns.

While they all may be accurate, we hope you’ll find far more than you expected, hell – even more than we expected contained in this piece work that may well come to define one of 21st Century America’s hardest working musical ensembles.

Greensky Bluegrass is Anders Beck (dobro), Michael Arlen Bont (banjo), Dave Bruzza (guitar), Mike Devol (upright bass) and Paul Hoffman (mandolin).


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