Patrick Ball

Patrick Ball continues to bring the lyrical gift of Ireland to the world through harp music and spoken word.

Anyone who is interested in the sound of the wire-strung harp knows Patrick Ball. A fan of traditional Irish music isn’t a stranger to his name or music. If you are an insider, I am sure you have heard of O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music. This man knows intensity. He knows how to use it to put the audience under his spell.

Listening to his music is a wonderful excursion into the world of imagination. That unique bell-like purity of the wire strung harp or Clarsach has gained worldwide prominence lately and  Patrick Ball is among those spearheading its renaissance. I read his biography and that years ago, this artist was studying to become a lawyer. I guess music finds us even in the most unexpected places and situations.

His music can move you to dance or to weep with its sublime beauty. Such magic contained in this instrument. And such power to move the emotions. Close your eyes and turn off the lights. Let the golden stars sparkle in every note. The  album Wood of Morois is out in 2010. You can learn more about him through the links I attached here.



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