The Shimmer of Sounds

Jazzy and electric

Jazzy and electric

The first few chords of Coburg St Nights from their second album  reveal the adventurous spirit of Buille. Formed in 2004 by Armagh born brothers Niall and Caoimhín Vallely along with Paul Meehan and Brian Morrissey, Buille became a fresh force in the Irish trad scene. Their music has a universal appeal. The production almost makes you think  of reflections on a clear pond. The instruments shimmer with transparency and gossamer smoothness. Everyone in this band is in top form. Guitars, fiddles, and percussion parts sound fresh as if every bit of them have been polished to make sure only the smooth silky finished bodies of sounds get to the listeners.

The debut album was released in 2005 while the second was in 2009. I don’t have news for the new album yet. It would be great to hear about new music from these wonderful musicians!


Spotlight Instrument: Hurdy-Gurdy.

The hurdy-gurdy made waves in the mainstream top 40 in 1997. Musician Nigel Eaton performed this instrument in the video of The Mummer’s Dance by Canadian superstar Loreena McKennitt. MTV made it one of their most played music videos at that time. I  think a lot of people started noticing this instrument after. Resources were not available until recently. It sounds like a bagpipe, but has the mellifluous quality of the violin. These days you get to hear this  in the Celtic metal band like Eluveitie . In this video, Alison Gowan of Canadian band The Swamp Ward Orchestra talks about her own hurdy-gurdy and folk festivals. I have to say this. They sound amazing!


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