Celtic, Chillout and Beyond..

Louisa Maxwell:Dance dance dance to the jig!  

Somewhere around 2006, I was added by Celtic Conspiracy to their list of friends. I think the group brought something refreshing to the then blossoming online network for bands and solo artists. Well , we all know what happened to Myspace years later when facebook took over . But Myspace is still a great directory if you want to look for bands of any genre. Celtic Conspiracy only uploaded three tracks on their page which I think was too little considering that I really like their sound. Part chill out, part ambient and  unmistakably Celtic, I was expecting a full album. But until now nothing yet.

Louisa Maxwell’s voice is such a great instrument. There is that powerful optimism that flows to the track O’Neil’s March that makes you simply smile from ear to ear. This goes to show that having a classically trained soprano voice morphed with studio effects can create a new kind of sound and feeling. The reverb, delay-the ‘wet’ vocals can enhance a sound. And for layered vocals tracks, I think it is necessary to offer  atmosphere and ‘space’. And atmosphere is the strong point of any ambient music. A little electronic groove would not hurt either. I found myself dancing alone in the computer room with headphones during my break from. That was six years ago.

I did some research and found out that Louisa Maxwell released an album The Wedding Music Guide which is available for sale at Amazon.


Here is a little bio I got from http://www.rapidreactionrecords.com

Louisa started her career as a classical soprano at the Juilliard New York.
Her love of Celtic music brought her to the harp combining ethereal vocals with Celtic melodies. She has no qualms about moving outside the boundaries of tradition using a modern electro acoustic harp. She has performed all over the world: New York’s Lincoln Centre, Carnegie Hall, The Irish National Concert Hall, Bunratty Castle, Scotland’s Highland Festival, the Celtic Congress in Dublin, BBC radio and TV, Channel 4, Irish, French and American Television.

Blast from the past: Dagda – Home Again in Eireann

Home Again in Eireann is taken from Dagda’s album Hibernia. It is one of those albums you’d like to listen to again and again after getting home from work. It teeters between being a dance album and one which New Agers love to relax to. Groove and electronic effects are the strong points of this album. Love it! You should try it too.

You can listen to the samples or buy the album at Amazon 

Mortal longing, immortal music.

I am a big fan of Enya and Clannad. I am proud to say it. Somewhere around 2009 I met Justin Elswick online. He is better known as Sleepthief. His music, although heavily grounded on ambient and electro,  is very much influenced by vocal layering. He made sure that he gets this style across. He has been consistent too. After his  amazing Labyrinthine Heart, which I think if it was vinyl or tape would have worn out after a gazillion listens, he is now releasing a new EP to be due this summer. Mortal Longing is the new single off the album. Canadian Singer  Jody Quine provides the vocals her and she also worked with him in his previous releases. For those who haven’t read the interview I did for him, here is the link: http://celticmusicfan.com/2009/09/11/sleepthiefs-justin-elswick-talks-about-labyrinthine-heart-the-new-album/

Here is his bio:

Justin Elswick may be an anomaly in the music industry a full-time attorney who has found the tenacity and creative inspiration to create a lush new electronic/pop vocal project as “SLEEPTHIEF.” Originally from Southern CA, Justin became obsessed with music at the age of four when his parents bought him a Fisher Price record player for Christmas. Although his parents were unable to afford piano lessons, Justin would somehow always find a way to play his grandmother’s old piano. His love of music also translated into various DJ gigs during high school and college. For the last several years, he has also written reviews as a music critic for the popular website musicaldiscoveries.com.
As Sleepthief, he has released two successful albums “The Dawnseeker” and “Labyrinthine Heart” plus several singles and tracks included in compilations.
Now he is working on the new long-awaited EP, first single will be “Mortal Longing”(feat. Jody Quine), set for digital release on 11th June 2012, along with a video (released 4th June).

The Voyager – XV by Gavern

The composer of Celtic Adrenalin is releasing a new album soon and he brought us this teaser. Beautiful ambient track !


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  1. Thank ou for the lovely review. We have taken a break to work on other projects but Celtic Conspiracy are working on some new material which we will share soon.
    best wishes,


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