Tri Yann Up With New Album and DVD

Brittany’s Super Trio have an album plus a DVD!

Tri Yann released the new album Rummadoù (Générations) late last year. You can listen to sample tracks here: . I like them a lot. They like to wear outrageous costumes in their concerts and they are very influential in their native Brittany. A new DVD Le concert des 40 ans(Live CD & DVD) is out which also mark the highlights in their career.There are English tracks in the album along with French and Breton. Here are the tracks in CD:

  1. Na I ri o
  2. Ar Vikinged
  3. Le Retour de la croisade
  4. Bosenn Langolen
  5. Naïk ar Bihan, fille follette
  6. Lamentations sur Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier
  7. Por faire de bonnes crespes
  8. Hanvezh ar Benedoù ruz
  9. Complainte de Marion du Faouët
  10. The eyes of my Bonnie Mary
  11. Chanson du baleinier François Le Billant
  12. Le prisonnier de 39-45
  13. L’exilé des sixties
  14. Adieu Kerblouze
  15. Glen glas
  16. “Malus” Track (Décad Danse)

You can view the complete track listing for the DVD here:

The official website of Tri Yann :


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