One World, One Heart Beating by Oona McOuat

Inspiring video from Oona McOuat

For years, Canadian artist Oona McOuat has been involved with amazing projects. To quote from her website bio:

From 1991 to 2005, she wintered on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming and singing with wild dolphins and whales and exploring sound to new depths.  She developed a music program based on singing and playing from the inside out, and became an inspiring and dedicated teacher, expanding her work to include story, the mythic realms and environmental awareness and stewardship.

She is one of those artists who gave me a break when I was starting this website. I still love listening to Honey and Holy Water. There is that timeless appeal embedded in the album. I subscribed to her newsletter so I get updates once in a while. Oona is such an intriguing artists and her kindness shines through her songs. A video called  One World One heart Beating came out early this year. Here is what the video is about:

  An anthem to global unity sung and played – and with a video created – entirely by children. Purchase this song at and help War Child help kids impacted by war.

Pictures about the video can be found in her website gallery :

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