What’s Up with Shelta?

Shelta is a language spoken by the Irish travelers -also  known as Irish gypsies. It is also a name of  a Celtic band based in Rhône-Alpes. Ten years and still going strong, they have played gigs all over Europe. Their next gig is on Friday, June 22 at 9:00 PM. The place is La Lune Rousse. You can see the full tour schedule in this page. 

Shelta are:

Tania Buisse: bodhran
Romain Chéré: wooden flute, whistles, banjo
John Delorme: violin
Fabien Guiloineau: guitar
Guy Vesvre: accordion


here is the band website

Listen to clips and buy the album here:

Also, add them in facebook :

Thanks to Jimmy for providing the fb link.

I am in the process of doing an interview with world renowned Canadian piper   Peter Purvis of Gaelic Storm. If you remember they first appeared in the movie Titanic.  You can check out his bio here:

Thanks to Tim for giving me the link to which got me started.

Want to know what Marc Gunn is playing? Marc is the voice of the indie Celtic music. Listen and download the podcast here:

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #123


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