Rachel Hair Trio: Harp Music That Shakes You!

Attention: Hypnotic Harp Music Ahead!

Have you heard of a harp music that makes tap your feet the way you do with a bodhran? If not then I recommend you listen to Rachel Hair. Her style  is exciting and the vibrancy of her music rubs on you like expensive perfume-it lasts.

She is aware that the soul of Celtic music is not just playing with speed and ease. It is also about atmosphere. It is perfected  in the track Cancro Cru where the melody pulls you inside. I think the voice layering is artfully crafted. Jenn has the voice of an angel. The varied artistry of the tracks are also due to the contribution of band members Jenn Butterworth alongside top Scottish double bassist Euan Burton. To know more about her, simply read this very detailed interview made by Arperia: http://arperia.com/2012/05/07/interview-with-rachel-hair-english-version/

Listen and explore :http://www.rachelhair.com/


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