Kitus:Folk / World / Celtic

Something to make you boogie with your kilt!

Kitus are a French group  based in Lyon France composed of  Yannick Guyader (diatonic accordion), Sylvain Vuidart (flute, wood and metal), Luke Roche (violin) and Fabien Guiloineau (acoustic guitar, bouzouki).  They play a brand of jazz influenced Celtic music combined with waltzes, mazurkas and even Latin rhythms. The album called “Après l’After” was released in 2009. One of their notable performances was in Gannat Cabaret Festival in 2011. They are on tour and you can check the details through their reverbnation page : and details for purchasing the CD are found in their official website where you can also listen to the  tracks for free.



2 thoughts on “Kitus:Folk / World / Celtic

    • Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to post diverse styles in this site to cater to many listeners. And it always pleases me when someone takes time to really listen to the bands’ music regardless of personal preference.


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