Mademoiselle Nolwenn Leroy: Seriously Breton

From reality show to being an ambassador of Breton music to the world.

Being typecast is every artist’s worst fear.  This must have been a struggle for French singer songwriter Nolwenn Leroy after bagging the first place in the French reality show Star Academy. I think that show holds the same prestige as Big Brother and American Idol. I don’t know about other shows in the UK because I am not a fan of these shows. But then again there is this polarity that is common between serious  music lovers and the pop audience who go for Hollywood glamour. I think Nolwenn got all the flack for appearing in that show where contestants are said to stay inside a castle.

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In 2010 Nolwenn traced her Breton roots. She was born in Saint-Renan, FinistèreBrittany . Her parents left the place when she was only four. But every one with a Celtic blood will eventually gravitate to music. When Leroy was eleven, her music teacher noticed her musical talents and encouraged her to learn the violin. This lead to he winning musical contests and finally albums.

Right now she is an ambassador of Breton music to the rest of France and to the world. Stretching out of  pop music which she started and creating a timeless Celtic recording Bretonne in 2010, she broke boundaries and gained huge following both from mainstream listeners and  hardcore Celtic music lovers .

My special thanks to Tim for making me curious about the picture of Nolwenn with a violin..that curiosity eventually lead to this article. Visit her official website :

Papillons de Nuit! Photo ©@papillonsdenuit

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