Harp Music, Good Mood!

Scott Hoye takes harp music to the next level!

I think  these days the harp has been overlooked in much of Celtic music. Chicago based harpist/singer/composer Scott Hoye has added charm and elegance to this instrument making it fresh as a ripe fruit ready to be plucked for your sonic hunger. He weaves his personal style to traditional tunes  to create something new out of the old.

As for the singing, this man can sing! Right now the rain is falling as I write this piece. His music is a perfect companion to that mood. You should try this: make yourself hot chocolate with bread and butter. Find a great spot by your window. Look at the glistening leaves under the gray sky.. and smell that wet scent of the earth rising along with other organic scents. Close your eyes occasionally to the sound of harp music. You will be in a good mood later. I am at peace oh yes! Feeling calm now.


Blurb about Scott Hoye:

Scott was a founding member of the Celtic ensemble The Spriggans, as well as the progressive rock band Seranati. His repertoire includes traditional and original tunes on Celtic harp, vocals, whistles, and percussion. Scott gathers inspiration from traditional sources of Irish, Scottish, other Celtic, folk, and world music, while mixing them together with contemporary sounds to create a new, sonic brew.


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