Cecile Corbel – Sweet Amaryllis

Cécile Corbel
“Sweet Amaryllis” (John Wilbye/Corbel)
Original music video (c) Bran Music 2012
from the album “SongBook vol.3”

Cecile Corbel on tour!

Do you ever get this impulse of being stuck in one song and finding your self playing it again and again? I know it isn’t what normal people do because what happens is when a song ends you move to the next track. Today, I found myself getting stuck in this one song by Breton musician Cecile Corbel. The song is called Mary and there is this stanza that goes:

Mary was a sailor
But she is drowned to die
She sleeps under the sea
Mary ever on her way

Kind of morbid don’t you think? But the music of Brittany has always been steeped in stories of seafarers. This song made me go to her website and I saw her new video called Sweet Amaryllis taken from the new album Songbook 3. I am impressed by her knack for powerful melodies and tight vocal harmonies. This is a kind of music that artists like Moya Brennan and  fellow Breton Nolwenn Leroy make. Very catchy and haunting at the same time. Need I say that her videos are always appealing ? She is on tour right now and more can be found in http://www.cecile-corbel.com


3 thoughts on “Cecile Corbel – Sweet Amaryllis

  1. What a blog! Celtic music is just so refreshing and amazing, isn’t it? That epic feeling of standing in the perfect storm surrounded by nothing but nature and a harp is just fantastic.


    • Thank you! I agree with your description of the perfect storm. There are times when we need to stop and listen to our thoughts and emotions..and nothing is more appropriate than listening to music inspired by nature.


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