Lúnasa: A Band with Consistently Beautiful Artwork?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best album cover of them all?

I believe that every topic merits an article. The little conversation that I had with Christi and Connie inspired this piece. It has something to do with the post Christi made of the Irish band Lúnasa. Through the years this band made amazing recordings of top notch traditional interpretations that got them into the global spotlight.

They have a new album out called Lá Nua’. As always we expect nothing but amazing music . However something has been overlooked in forum discussions as well as reviews from other Celtic magazines. It is the amazing album artworks. My first Lúnasa album was Otherworld(1999). The impressionistic photography and dashes of blue and green colors are really eye-catching.  There are albums out there that sound really great but the artwork don’t really give justice to the music.  To see more of the band’s album artwork just visit the photogallery section of the official site.


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