Foeter Breizh: Saving the Breton Language

Dom Duff makes a run for Breton Culture!

For a Celtic Breton musician, language is precious. I remember an interview with Liam O’ Maonlai where he stated that one becomes vigilant with an art that is disappearing. Sometimes just watching and not making a stand is wasting that precious gift. Because no one can underestimate the power of one person to change the course of destiny. Hooray to Tolkien for reminding us about that.

I featured this song way back as a widget. Now I am highlighting the video. When it comes to passion for culture hands down to Dom Duff.

About the video:


Diwar ar ganaouenn savet ha kanet gant Dom Duff “Foeter Breizh”ez eus bet sevenet gant Mikael Baudu hag e stal produiñ Gwengolo Filmoù, ur c’hlip da gas war-raok ar Redadeg evit hol lakaat dija e-barzh ton Redadeg 2012.


The official video clip of Redadeg 2010 on «Foeter Breizh» a song by Dom Duff filmed by Mikael Baudu and produced by Gwengolo.Filmoù.
In may 2012 thousands of poeple will run over 1500 km to rise money for the breton language.


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