Deirdre Shannon, The voice of Goddess Erin.

Deirdre Shannon Photo by B.Doherty
In this photo:
Deirdre Shannon

Nothing beats waking up to a great voice of Deirdre Shannon!

Well well well, at last it is official. This site will now become Hahaha I am basking at the thought of it all. For two years I dreamed and now  it is going to be my official baby with the help of my two angelic Celtic warriors who are my best pals for life. What would I do without them? Anyway I am so happy and so overwhelmed that I am afraid I might not be able to write an article because of this…joking!

It is a nice warm Sunday. So how are you folks doing? I spent the whole day listening to Celtic music and I was not aware that myspace actually transmits all the songs I listened to online so you can’t imagine the shock I felt upon looking at my twitter widget. I apologize to my followers who were bombarded by such updates. Perhaps it was too early for some of you to get such insistent notice.

Morning is best when it is greeted by a calm, relaxed state. And yes, meditative music helps. I am not one of those who start the day by playing dance music. I’d rather wake up to the Gregorian chants at 5 am than the sound of techno.  That will wait until the evening.

Now this lass I am presenting here looks familiar doesn’t she? That is because you must have seen her already in shows like Lord of the dance, Celtic Tenors and The Canadian Tenors.   Deirdre Shannon’s career blossomed in the mid- 90s when she joined the Celtic choir Anuna.

She has  pure and beautiful soprano that comes with a crossover appeal. Not too high brow classical nor sweet  bright and popsy. Just the right combination. I think people remembered her as the Goddess Erin in Lord of the Dance. I have to tell you I can listen to her for hours and never get tired.

There are few artists who can be naturally beautiful both inside and out. Deirdre is one of them. She doesn’t have to try. Her beauty shines forth sans make up. And yes that voice can make you forget she is a human being.

She has a new album out:

Deirdre’s highly anticipated album – Anamceol – is available for purchase through CD Baby, be sure to click on “Deirdre’s Shop”!  

In this her second album, Irish singer Deirdre Shannon shares unique treasures from her country’s rich musical heritage. This collection of songs, reminiscent of a time almost forgotten, leads you through a rich tapestry of Celtic life. Deirdre guides you on a journey of love, nature and mythology, to a place where your heart is consoled. She brings you music for the soul. Anamċeol.


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