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Do you ever get that feeling when you have  a lot of things to tell but you just have no choice but to it back and tell them bits by bits? That is what I feel with hundreds of bands I want to recommend but I have to take it easy because we can’t fit everything I  one page.

Today I am highlighting the Indianapolis Ceili Band.  The musicians in this group make music for the purpose of performing the songs in ceilis and also to show what it means to be American and Irish. Expect members to be just musicians and not a bunch of Celtic Woman or Celtic Thunder wannabes. Just guys performing together for the love of music.

Their album Every Wednesday Night is out. Now if you are curious to listen to sample tracks you can actually hear them for free through their official site’s music page . I heard few tracks and they are magnificent! You should check them out.


Maggie Davis
Samantha Stelting
Alberta Lathan
Dmitri Alano

Ed Delaney

Dianna Davis

Tenor Banjo:
Mario Joven

Robyn Ton

Chris Deis

Visit their facebook band site

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