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Don’t have anywhere to go this month? Oh, please don’t sound like me whose life isn’t going anywhere as of the moment 😀  I have to let you in for something personal. Someone bought the domain I wanted. Remember I want this site to become http://www.celticmusicfan.com? I just found out last night that someone in the United States bought it. Now I just have to settle for a .net.  But so what! It is just a domain name. People can copy names and appearances but they could never ever replicate individuality. It just doesn’t work that way.  In the end it is the traffic that counts. Would you agree? As my  friend Donie  who is  a terrific Irish painter told me when I mentioned this to him :” CANT BE HELD RANSOM TO SOME STRANGER HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD.”



Ready for the biggest Celtic Music Festival in the Czech Republic?

To those who have been following my posts since late last year would have known that there are really good bands in terms of Celtic music in the Czech Republic. Jeremy of the band Poitin confirmed this today in his facebook post. I think you might have to add that to your travel plan this July 20!

The biggest Celtic Music Festival in the Czech Republic. It’s going to be great. Our mates Sliotar from Ireland’ll be there and the Spanish band Street Wings, as well as us and all your favourite Czech Celtic bands.





KILRUSH @ The East Durham Irish Festival and Shamrock house


Can you still make it today? They will be playing live.

Memorial Day weekend in East Durham has been nothing short of an Irish Tradition for many years…as for Kilrush, it’s it’s our 7th year returning to the Irish Alps….we are playing Friday Night at

1 am at the SHAMROCK HOUSE following the Narrowbacks!
12:45pm on the COOR’S Music Pavilion (East Durham Mem. Irish Fest)
2:15 pm The KILLIAN’S Music Tent (also East Durham Mem.Irish Fest)
1 am at the SHAMROCK HOUSE folowing Shilelagh Law!!

Here is the map : https://www.facebook.com/pages/East-Durham-Irish-Festival/226458027379907




Troy MacGillivray in Concert!