Azarbe-Taking the Spanish Folk Scene by Storm!

I am blogging using other people’s computer. Don’t ask me how this happened but I am on the run right now. However I could not pass an opportunity to present this interesting band.

Azarbe are a  folk group from Spain that are going to take the cultural music of Spain by storm. The music is nostalgic and caped with pure energy. The musical style borrows heavily from flamenco with traces of Galician flavour. The group was formed in 1999 composed of  the following members :

Emilio J. Mateos

Spanish guitars, lute, mandolin, and vocals guitarro.

Oscar Esteban

Cajon square tambourine, djembe, tambourines, dabúll and choirs.

Peter J. Lopez

Spanish guitar, acoustic guitar, tenor guitar and vocals.
Teresa Fernandez
Voice and chorus.

Alvaro Martinez

Constantino Lopez

Paco Botia
Shakers, bongo, sabar, cajon, congas, triangle, square tambourine, tambourines, claps, a gogo bells, bells, mortar and effects. Botia Paco plays with instruments Percussion Chambo .


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