Gallows Tree Tales Album Teaser

What’s coming t0 this site. 

This teaser came out around May 14 but due to health reasons as well as mixed up schedules, most of my notes and reminders got mixed up with other stuff. Anyway I found them. And oh I got a good news for you fellas. This will become a .com soon. Love it? I think there is credibility when you own a domain.

I  know I write articles that you will never ever see in other music sites and yes I have more interviews than other websites run by three or more people and I think it is time to take that asset into good use. I have to admit I am nervous.  Before, I used to only think about just writing. Now there will be responsibilities that will come about when this becomes an e magazine devoted to Celtic music.

I want to thank all of you for being with me since 2009. I know I have lost followers and also gained new ones. This would not have been possible without you my beloved readers. For a blogger, the only consolation he has is knowing someone out there reads what he writes. I don’t really generate income out of this but in the future to make this more of a quality site donations will be welcomed.

Irish Rocker based in London has an LP coming soon.

Remember Slim? I wrote about him way back and he is releasing an LP this summer of 2012. This teaser will give you an idea what the whole album sounds like. His music has always been personal and the songs touch your core like no other. In the midst of the rockin’ drums and guitars is a healing bough…he is a wise Celtic rocker beyond his years.


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