Marc Gunn’s Music Revolution

It’s a breeze for big record labels to push songs up the charts. They just open up their pocket books and wave a wad of cash around. Boom! They own the Celtic Top 10.

If you listen to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, you know that it’s not that big labels have better music, it’s that they have more money and expertise to promote the music they own. That is not the case for the indie Celtic musician… all we have is YOU!-Marc Gunn

I like Marc Gunn’s idea of breaking down the walls of major record labels. For musicians out there who might be having cold feet, this is the time to stop the hesitation and I’d say go for whatever musical ideas you have. Don’t be afraid to form a band or play solo, don’t be afraid to record and MOST of all don’t be shy to spread your music.

Talent is one thing but confidence is another. If we read the bios of famous bands or singers, we learned that they started like everyone else. They aren’t gods. U2 did not become U2 over night. So let us all start a music revolution and start recording whatever you got there. So get up, get on and get everyone involved. If you are a blogger and you are reading this, I hope this will help you start a chain of events in your community by helping out artists that you think deserve such attention.

Check this link out to learn about Marc Gunn’s Top of the Charts.


Stetrice are a band from Nantes and they are making waves in the local scene right now. Time for giving these fellas a much wider audience.

If you have bands you want me to feature just email me and I will check them out.


4 thoughts on “Marc Gunn’s Music Revolution

  1. Easier said than done eh! I suppose persistence is the key though. If you see yourself getting knocked back time after time, people tend to give up – no matter what it is you’re doing. But persistence does pay off. Throw that in with the other 2 characteristics you mention, Talent and Confidence, and you’re on the right path.


    • Hahahaha thanks for the feedback Liam. Yeah you just have to learn to have thick skin not just in this business but in any business if you want to get what you want. And hey thanks again for dropping by. Cheers!


    • His formula is really amazing. And he does it all for the love of music. And not just any music. I am about our musical culture 🙂 And it a well deserved exposure for Poitin. Beautiful music should be shared to the world.


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