Kernow Film Society Presents The Rabbit

Home grown movies!                                           

Here is a preview of a locally made film and it is very Cornish. Those who love the quirky and the novel will like this one. Now my site doesn’t embed anything other than youtube so all you got to do is click the picture and you will be directed to the movie site. Thank you!

Cheers!-Pulsing Celtic Rock Band from the Czech Republic

Like I have said before, this country is oozing with Celtic talents. Go check them out when  you are in Prague. They were discovered by Jeremy of Poitin.

More about Cheers!

Cheers! – Celtic Rock’n Reel combining the pulsating energy of the Dropkick Murphys with the powerful stadium anthems of the Levellers, rewriting the rules of everything Celtic.

Amazing Duo

My friend Jimmy shared this video and I think it is interesting in a sense that we have only two dueling instruments and yet they sound like they occupy the whole room if you know what I mean. I like the way how the video was taken.

More about this:

Watch James’ full episode:

The second musical segment from the HI*Sessions studio featuring James, his amazing ukulele skills, and Anne Davison on cello. Stay tuned as we update more videos from James’ episode featuring his music.

Watch previous videos of HI*Sessions featuring James:
“Heart Shaped Tattoo” –

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