Vimy Ridge – Lizzy Hoyt

Canadian artist Lizzy Hoyt ventures into history and timeless sentiments.

Have you listened to a new track by Canadian fiddler, singer, songwriter and step-dancer from Edmonton, AB by the name of Lizzy Hoyt? I like her name…it is so perky just like the band Thin Lizzy. And mind you, she is pretty. Her music has a crossover appeal brought about my her foray into Jazz, Folk and Pop.

More about the video:

The Battle:
The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time all four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces fought together under a Canadian-born commander. It marked a change in out-dated war tactics and strategies (demonstrated by the blood-bath at The Somme). It has been cited as a defining moment in the creation of a united Canadian identity.

The Song:
Lizzy’s song “Vimy Ridge” was written after her first visit to the Vimy Ridge Memorial in 2005. It was named a finalist in both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (2010) and the USA Songwriting Competition (2011). The song was recorded on her second album HOME which received a Canadian Folk Music Award Nomination in 2011 for Traditional Singer of the Year.

For bookings and other information, please contact:

Producer: Sarah Hoyt
Created by: & Lucho Soldevilla
Art Direction/Archival Editing: Gaby Benicio
Make-up/Hair: Aurélie Martin
Dress: Koshka Mashka
Production Assistant: Ian Surdhar


2 Replies to “Vimy Ridge – Lizzy Hoyt”

  1. this song gives me a chill it means so much i was at the ridge for the 95th anniversary so sad, it was a wet day but i will never forget that day it was a life changing experience. my soldier was Pvt. Edmund Bruce Noble i will never forget him or the other Canadians who fought on that ridge to give me my freedom


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