Irish Singer/Songwriter Brian Kennedy: It’s not a bad thing to be gay

Brian Kennedy’s double life becomes a story of hope and inspiration to millions of young people.

Today, CMF celebrates the story on one artist who made a difference in the music world and to those who have  dealt with personal turmoil before coming out and living life the way it should be.  Brian Kennedy is a fine example. If you have followed his career you would understand the kind of double life he led. Society imposes this on celebrities making them as the perfect ‘role model’. There is a price you have to pay for fame sometimes-it is called living a lie.

In September 1 2009, The Telegraph featured and exclusive story which revealed his coming out torment as well as discussing his book  The Arrival of Fergal Flynn. He further states : “It looks like you’re ashamed of something, which I’m certainly not. I’m the most reluctant role model there is because I don’t feel qualified enough.

“But I wanted to let people know, especially young people, that it’s not a bad thing to be gay — it’s a good thing to be gay.

“I think if you’re happy and confident about your sexuality then the press tend to ignore it.”

Well done Brian! So proud of you.

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If there were a special award for being multi-gifted, then Brian Kennedy would surely walk away with it. A critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and proven radio/television presenter, he is now acknowledged as an author of considerable worth, having produced a series of short stories and two novels (with a third on the way) – not surprisingly, for a lyricist of his calibre.

The common denominator of all his talents is easy to spot. Quite simply, he is a natural communicator! No more so than in his live concerts. In the firm belief that ‘music is the language of emotion,’ he takes his audiences on a roller coaster ride for a full two hours and still finds the energy to meet up with them after each show. But the casual manner and good-humoured banter on and off stage, belie the hard work and early struggles of a man who seems born to perform, spellbinding his audiences while making it all look easy.

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4 thoughts on “Irish Singer/Songwriter Brian Kennedy: It’s not a bad thing to be gay

  1. What an inspirational story! Here there are so many who though they are truly special people can be afraid to be who they are as a LGBT person. Thanks for sharing the story. I hope it is an encouragement to others to step out and truly be themselves!


    • That is the intention of this post. There are people who even go as far as hating themselves because they thought there is something wrong with them. Gays have been marginalized for too long and are kept in the dark due to stigma. Young people need someone to tell them to be strong and accept what they are. The acceptance of everyone regardless of sexual preference, race and social status is the key to healing.


      • You are so right, we need to accept and love people for who they are. It saddens me to see the hate that some see as their right. The sad thing is every generation sees one group or another as bad. When I was young it was to Blacks because they were going against their “place” in society.

        I was against it then, and am still against it in any form today. Besides, so many of my gay and lesbian friends are so creative and smart and I love to see what they can offer to my world!


        • You were ahead of your time then and you are certainly hip now:) It is sad that there are people who call themselves ‘progressive thinkers’ and yet they still think this is still a disease that should be kept in a safe place. Everyone who knows you as a friend is truly blessed. I am one of those who are lucky to know you.


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