The Feekers-Tarbolten

If you want your Irish music to be straight ahead traditional with no frills, just delicious home grown music, then Tarbolen is for you. I love folk instruments and the combination of the octave mandolin and banjo can be irresistible. The Bluegrass lover in me says it is one of the best releases this year. Traditional music is alive and kicking!

More about Tarbolen:

The Feekers are a folk music duo from Dublin. Darren Lynch plays mandola and octave mandolin and Johnny Keenan plays banjo and whistle.

This is the title track from their album Tarbolten.

Their debut album is now available from Claddagh Records:

They can be contacted through their website:

They can be followed on FaceBook:


7 thoughts on “The Feekers-Tarbolten

  1. This is one of the best folk albums that has come out since The Dubliners in their day! Would strongly recommend having this cd in your collection


    • Always a pleasure to expose great Irish talents 😉 Keep it up guys and I will just keep my readers updated about your musical pursuits. A toast to more success and the many albums to come. Slainte!


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