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The healing power of songs…

My friend Christi posted this video and while I was watching I realized the woman singing is Margaret Bennett, the mother of the late Scottish piper who passed away in 2005, losing his battle with cancer.

I can’t pretend I know the intensity of the pain a mother suffers when she loses her child. But I can imagine that it must be so devastating. And Margaret found a way to deal with it-singing.  Doesn’t it touch the universal chord in all of us? Singing one’s blues is the ultimate consolation.

“How do you come into terms losing a son like that?”

“I think you just have to learn to live with it. I know that anybody who has experience it will tell you that nothing again will ever hurt. But of course, music is a great consolation”.

look for her album : Love and Loss – Remembering Martyn in Scotland’s Music, 2007.

The late Martyn Bennett.