Margaret Bennett: A Mother’s Lament to Her Son.

The healing power of songs…

My friend Christi posted this video and while I was watching I realized the woman singing is Margaret Bennett, the mother of the late Scottish piper who passed away in 2005, losing his battle with cancer.

I can’t pretend I know the intensity of the pain a mother suffers when she loses her child. But I can imagine that it must be so devastating. And Margaret found a way to deal with it-singing.  Doesn’t it touch the universal chord in all of us? Singing one’s blues is the ultimate consolation.

“How do you come into terms losing a son like that?”

“I think you just have to learn to live with it. I know that anybody who has experience it will tell you that nothing again will ever hurt. But of course, music is a great consolation”.

look for her album : Love and Loss – Remembering Martyn in Scotland’s Music, 2007.

The late Martyn Bennett.


4 Replies to “Margaret Bennett: A Mother’s Lament to Her Son.”

  1. I cried as I first listened to the video. The Gaelic (the Scots and the Irish) haven’t lost this way of grieving…but many of us surely have. The music is so hauntingly beautiful and tear-apart, heart wrenching, sad all at once.

    It really is a special video. (Thanks for sharing it here in such a beautiful way.)


    1. Thank you so much. I got goosebumps hearing her speak about dealing with the pain through music. I believe music touches and heals. Thank you so much. It is an honor to know you re blogged this.


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