The Gorgeous Linda Welby on Irish Country Radio Music


Refreshing Country with an Irish flavor.

Hi folks, if you want to hear the songs of Linda Welby or songs related to her style then you need to tune in to tune in to  Her voice is soothing and beautiful. She sings of songs that come from the heart. When you hear her, it seems like she is singing what you feel. She taps into that humanity in all of us, breaking the barrier between the artist and the listeners. This is the kind of honesty that is hard to reproduce using studio gadgets and production gloss…because this comes from no other place but the heart.

Linda Welby-When you’re down and out


How to Make Trippy Music

Check this video out from Kendall McGuire

And yeah here’s a youtube video you might like:

Violin Lessons : Various Types of Violins

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