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 Norwegian Singer Embraces Irish Mysticism

Any Druid will love this lovely singer songwriter from the world of the Vikings. Her voice has that gossamer gentleness of mists and the crisp melancholy of the Norwegian landscapes. This video was  filmed on locations in Ireland (Connemara area on the west coast) and features Irish actor Seamus Hughes.

About the video:

The song “Higher Than My Stairway” by Elin Synnøve Bråthen is included on the album “The Anchor And The Dream” (label: Curling Legs, Oslo, Norway) – appraised by the public and the critics from A to Z. This dreamy music video was filmed on locations in Ireland (Connemara area on the west coast). Featuring Irish actor Seamus Hughes and includes the signature sound of a men’s choir – a rather unusual flavour for pop music of this kind. Recording producer: Øystein Sevåg, Mixed by Giert Clausen and Elin Synnøve Bråthen

Credits: Camera/filming: Nils-Petter Lotherington, Photography: Astrid Lunke, Cut/Edit: Erland Edenholm, Sound-finish: Giert Clausen

Photographer Morten Bendiksen, styling by Cårejånni Enderud