Bodhrán Gigs with Jacob McCauley

Bodhran players have all the fun in the world as shown in this interview I did with award-winning Bodhrán player Jacob McCauley. He moved around a LOT in February. His numerous gigs in Europe proved to be an exciting story and I am capturing that spirit here and what he took with him in his travels.

1. So what  memorable things  happened during your European tour?

Well, it wasn’t exactly a tour since usually a tour consists of travelling from one city to the next. For this last trip I was primarily in Glasgow, Scotland during the Celtic Connections festival. Although I wasn’t officially booked to play this year, I had a variety of other things on the go during my stay. Besides doing a bit of guest playing at the festival, I had some planning to do for an upcoming Scottish album, and a variety of teaching. I will be back in Scotland in a few months to start work on a new project.

Lastly, I spent a few days in Germany visiting with my Bodhrán maker Christian Hedwitschak. We have had some new projects on the go and are working towards a very special goal…but I’m afraid that’s all I can say for now! 

2. March happened. What did you do last St Paddy’s day?

St Paddy’s day this year was another fun-filled day and night. I did two gigs with a new trio of mine. An afternoon gig at an art gallery and then a much less formal pub gig at night. This was a very nice change of pace to play a comfortable, easy-going pub gig as opposed to a big concert. A few years ago on St Paddy’s day I did a gig with The Chieftains at a huge concert hall in Toronto. As much fun as that was, I always enjoy the more easy-going gigs on Paddy’s day!

3. You are doing something in the studio again right? Tell me all about this facebook update about tinkering with your mic placement.

As you may have already noticed from many previous Facebooks updates… I am currently in the last few stages of Bodhrán testing for Christian Hedwitschak. I am testing his new TwinSkin innovation and seeing how they compare to his previous single skins, as well as how different skin combinations compare to each other. There are other small tests on the go comparing his latest Compressor tuning system as well. The mic placement update referred to working on finding the best mic placements for each specific TwinSkin drum. There are new sound samples that will be posted in a few days so take a look!

4.This month seems to be picking up for you with the Irish fiddler
Maeve Donnelly and Guitarist Andy Hillhouse in Concert.Tell us about your part in this wonderful event and how was it for you.
I was very pleased to open for my good friends Maeve Donnelly and Andy Hillhouse this past Saturday. Our new trio (of which I spoke of above) did a half an hour opening set which kicked of the show quite nicely. I enjoyed doing some playing with Maeve and Andy as well. It was a great evening! There should hopefully be some live video clips posted soon.

5. More updates?

The drum testing is currently the main focus for myself right now, but there are many other projects coming up and some smaller side projects. We have started work on the debut album for the new trio and will be posting a Single off the album in the coming weeks. So keep an eye out for that. I will be posting updated information with new projects as soon as time permits.


Pierre continues to be a great force in the propagation of Celtic music via facebook.

My special thanks  to Pierre Deragon for uncovering this old Gem that inspired generations of singers :

Irish Tradition : “Ailiu Ennai” sung by Mary O’Hara


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