Annalivia’s Barrier Falls

A tribute to the guessing game that has launched a thousand ships.

The band Annalivia have  an amusing history for me personally. It started out as a guessing game that my friend Jimmy gave to everyone. He took snippets of When I Was In My Prime off their debut CD.  I was partners with Tim. We took the game really seriously and worked on it doing research on the web while chatting. We won beating other competitors. For the prize we both got the sophomore CD Barrier Falls.

I think I waited weeks for it to arrive in the Philippine post office. It created problems on Jimmy’s side but in the end I really got it. A wonderful CD with awesome artwork and packaging-and of course a wonderful message from my pal.

The sound production is  exquisite and I think producers Matt Brown and Flynn Cohen did a good job in making the album sound slick without sacrificing the organic quality of the music. The thundering opening track Reynardine really set the mood for what’s to follow.  Personal favorites are songs like John Riley showcasing energetic guitar strums and commanding fiddling performance.  Early in the Spring sounds optimistic and the pizzicato, soft vocals and nice tempo really get to your mood that makes you want to open your windows and let the early morning brightness in. Time is Up on the other hand is poignant and ingratiating. I think all tracks are excellent in this album. I really enjoyed the guessing game and also getting the CD!


4 Replies to “Annalivia’s Barrier Falls”

  1. So when will the next game be for? I think this time it’s your turn! LOL 😉
    I’m glad you liked the cd Baxter. Keep up the good work here, it’s real good reading all your articles! 🙂


    1. Looking forward for my turn to conduct the game in return 😉 I really enjoyed the game. Soooo many good memories of that day. Everyone in the music school also participated right? 🙂 So great.


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