One World One Music Community


 Fans of Celtic music will find something to enjoy in the following facebook links that I am posting below. We aren’t small anymore. There are events and venues being set up all over the world especially in the United States, Canada and Europe. All we need to do is to be resourceful in finding these networks and be a member. I also discover new artists from them. 

Pan Celtic Festival-Cornish artist Matthew Clarke made me join this group and it is all about the love for Celtic fusion. There are 217 members comprising of musicians and fans of the music.

The Celtic Link-A very informative site dedicated to musicians, bloggers and fans of Celtic music. If you want to know what’s new , then this is the place to hangout.

Aberfest-An even that celebrates the musical relationship between Cornwall and Brittany.April is the month of events. You don’t want to be late!

East London Comhaltas-This is a network dedicated to any Celtic music related activities in the east of London. Musicians who jam with other musicians post here often. You will know about latest gigs in this are in London.

Celtic Music Fan’s Weblog-A facebook page I created. Please join and share your thoughts. This is all about music and the good stuff about it. I currently appointed 4 administrators including my friend Christi who comments here often.

On a sad note…Barney McKenna passed away at 72

Musician and founding member of The Dubliners passed away this week. Another light gone out. We shall miss you Barney.  You can read more about the news here:


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