Irish Band Led by Baz McSherry”The Lookin’ Drawer”(album)

I was chatting with my friend Jimmy last night. He was the one who recommended this band led by Baz McSherry from Northern Ireland. We were discussing how important showmanship is in establishing an artist’s musical career. I totally agree with him because the music business is a very competitive world. To quote from him ” The bar is already high and anything less  just doesn’t stand out.”

Baz McSherry and the rest of his band  have both the talent and showmanship as obvious in this video. Enjoy!

Live Lineup… Baz McSherry-Acoustic Guitar, Lead vocals
Jonny Toman-Acoustic Guitar,5 string Banjo Bouzouki, Lapsteel
Rachel Toman- Backing vocals / Fiddle / Percussion
Alison Crossey- Bodhran / Percussion
Darren Crossey – Upright & Electric Bass / Acoustic gtr / Vocals .


5 thoughts on “Irish Band Led by Baz McSherry”The Lookin’ Drawer”(album)

  1. Showmanship or feeling the music in the song is something you see in the best musicians. Whether it is the pianist Lang Lang in classical music, Baz Mcsherry, or tennis great Monica Seles showmanship is either something an audience appreciates or has difficulties with. In music many require simply the music while others like the artist to show the feelings that come from their personal music making. I tend to appreciate the showmanship like Jimmy if it’s a part of the artist’s interpretation a piece of music for an audience.


    • There is that fragile beauty and mystery in his voice that reminds me a bit of Sting, Peter Gabriel and Dougie MacLean..And strangely, there is that North American vibe in his music that makes his songs accessible to a great range of listeners.


      • He does have a way with music that sounds a bit like Sting! And his song has that professional feel too. And he does have a bith of a North American feel, but it is really tinged with the Celtic and Irish flavor much like others of his countrymen who have made it rock here (like Donavan, and Bono and his band.)

        I like him!


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