A rainy night, sublime music


yscolan is good as I sit in the shining sun, too. Definitely good mood music. Thanks for reminding me of it.-Gwylim Hardy

I am listening to the album called Yscolan which is  a project by Ceri Rhys Matthews and spoken words by Beverley Evans. Occasional fiddle by Christine Cooper. The music of the wooden flute reminds me of forests and mountains. I hear ambient sounds like birds and other natural sounds. This is an aural excursion that is also very visual in a sense that the relaxing melody takes you to places that only the mind can conjure.

Ceri Rhys Matthews has once again created a music that is intriguing apart from his great band Fernhill. I just love the minimal approach of yscolan which is refreshing after too much instruments I have been hearing this weekend.

Here is an interesting blurb:

music on wooden flute from west and south wales

— awel bren dyfed a deheubarth —

played by ceri rhys matthews. spoken word by beverley evans. fiddle by christine cooper

dance tunes, airs, poetry and free verse.

“the album is a delicious mix of traditional melodies, ambient sounds and spoken word” Verity Sharp – Late Junction – BBC radio 3

fernhill’s ceri rhys matthews has released an album of flute music and spoken word called yscolan. it features traditional dance melodies and song airs from south and west wales played solo on wooden flute juxtaposed with extracts of early welsh poetry, spoken word elements and contemporary poetry in both welsh and english read by beverley evans.

fiercely contemporary, yscolan explores the nature of art and the role of the artist, challenging the modernist interpretation of the artist as a central ego working in social and historical isolation.

this haunting piece of work celebrates the fabric of the lives of ordinary people, living and dead, as expressed through their anonymous art, by the inheritors of their legacy.


released 01 January 2005
recorded and mixed by jens schroeder at dreamworld studio, pembrokeshire

2 Replies to “Yscolan”

  1. Like a good conversation, this piece is the one side and the listener has to provide their own response. I sat here feeling like I needed to be more an active listener, I certainly don’t do that with every piece I listen too musically!!


    1. I agree with you. I think music like this draws something in us that we don\t get to acknowledge because we are rushing. It is great to be able to stop for a while and let something invoke an emotional response from a part of us that we often ignore.


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