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Sue Aston now out in Bandcamp

 Hello Celtic Music Fans. Another week of musical discovery is here. Sue Aston is now available in Bandcamp. Those who don’t have her albums yet can listen to sample tracks. Let the healing melody wrap all over you. The title reminds one of Cornwall’s beautiful beaches.Soon it is summer. What a great time to go surfing over there.I was listening to this track again and again today. I am being reminded that there is truth that certain type of music has a calming effect on troubled hearts.

Interesting Article about Breton Musician Dom Duff:


Read the full artile here:

Hamish Burgess with his latest piece 'Brigid' ( during his talk on Celtic Mythology, based on his Celtic art, on the Irish Music Cruise to the Caribbean Jan 2012.
Hamish Burgess with his latest piece 'Brigid' ( during his talk on Celtic Mythology, based on his Celtic art, on the Irish Music Cruise to the Caribbean Jan 2012.
photo © Hamish Burgess 2012

The Celtic Art of Hamish Burgess

The latest addition to Celtic Music fan’s people that make the Celtic world go round. Hamish Burgess is a graphic artist based in the island of Maui Hawaii. His works are amazing and I can look at them for hours and feel totally relaxed and happy. Here’s a little blurb about his profile:

Hamish Douglas Burgess is an artist living on the island of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. He continues the ancient practice with his own Celtic art, traditional and modern. Coming from Celtic stock (Scottish), and living for many years in a Celtic area of Britain (Cornwall), he has a love of Celtic art and music instilled in him, producing Celtic artwork in different media, photography from the Celtic Lands, and playing the bagpipes – he also holds the Hawaii State tattoo artist license. He regularly spends time in the ancient Celtic areas of Britain, Ireland and Europe, studying ancient works of Celtic art, and visiting other artists. Recent works have included album covers, book illustrations, commissioned pieces, original celtic tattoos, temporary celtic tattoos and even an entire car!

To learn more, visit his works:

Facebook bookmarked it!  He is a weekly presenter

Gem from 2011: Michael Cooney Pat Egan Uilleann Pipes and Guitar 2011(Thanks to Beebee Simmons)

Two instruments that work together. The mellifluous sound of the uilleann pipes can work well with the acoustic guitar. It is great to see the two instruments make a perfect tandem. Blurb:

Two of our favorite musicians in the world. Pat Egan and Michael Cooney. Philly House Concert…. Foxhunters is the reel… Thanks so much to Bette and Bob for hosting this concert!!!! 

A Dose of Irish Traditional Music: The Shannon Family(Thanks to Beebee Simmons).

Traditional Irish music is fun to be heard as to be seen. You can just see and hear the passion there…and makes you pasisonate to do something in my case write!

The She Amigos

They’ve got the funk, the grit and the free spirited music.Linda Welby, Dee Brown and Regina McDermott, collectively known as “The She Amigos”. They are three awesome women from Ireland. Learn more about them here:

Justus and Law – LIVE at the Gumboot Cafe – Dec 22, 2011

They are based in based in British Columbia. There is something about Canadian Celtic musicians…they add a fresh touch to traditional sounds. I love the fine way these guys play the instruments. So much passion and beauty. Please check the project

The 12th Annual Sunshine Coast Summer School of Celtic Music July 9-13, 2012 very interesting. You might want to sign up!


I am not done yet. There is still a part 2 to this one.


2 Replies to “From Friends/Celtic Link Members”

  1. Sue Aston has an ever so slight touch of the gypsy in her fiddle! Really lovely. Oh, and in my opinion Duff is ahead of his time in folk music much like Bob Dylan was in the 50s and 60s.

    Hamish really captures the feel of the Medieval painters that are seen in the likes of the Book of Kells and other books of that period in Ireland. I really love the St. Brigid one!

    Michael Cooney and Pat Egan are great! I sure love the uilleann pipes, and they are fascination to watch when a master is playing them in person! And the Shannon Family is fabulous! Listened to Livetrad all the week of St. Paddy’s Day and really got a wonderful dose of this wonderful kind of family music. Love the She Amigos!! Very country music for those Irish gals!

    Justus and Law have that bit of swing in their Celtic music and it really works! I would never have envisioned those two types of music together, but it surely works!


    1. Thanks for the appreciation Christi. In fact I am still recovering from sickness but blogging about these wonderful musicians is a form of healing. I will need to borrow the post you made in fb too because your choices are exquisite. I will post them here soon.


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