Abagail Grey;Visually Explosive

Celtsmith is a Welsh band led by Derek Smith . Looks familiar? Well that’s because he is directly related to Jamie Smith of Jamie Smith’s Mabon. He is also the  Festival Director and chair person  of Cwlwm Celtaidd, the voluntary organisation that organises the festival under the Porthcawl Interceltic Festival since 2002. Celtsmith is a band to watch out for.

Highly emotive and explosive as icicles in March Abagail Grey, a project by Scottish singer Claire Campbell takes a daring direction in terms of style and interpretation. Her music is very visual and listening to her is like looking at shifting scenes of landscapes when you ride a train long distance. She has perfected the command of atmosphere. Incorporating beats in her music creates a balance that teeters between introspective mood and popish excitement. Elegant as chandeliers on castles yet powerful in an arena rock glamour kind of intensity, Abagail Grey has capture my ears…and heart.


Get more info here: http://abagailgrey.com/  and oh might want to check her interesting blog: http://abagailgrey.typepad.com/abagailgrey/


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