Brian Fitzy:Dusting the Tradition with Funk

I discovered Brian Fitzy recently. His music combines elements of funk, Jazz, rap rnb, pop. I have to admit these elements make the music have that urban feel to it yet at the same time distinctively Celtic. I think St Paddy will get jiggy with it-I know guys I sound so 90s.  He toured and became active with Irish band Ceann around 2010 playing the electric violin. Here’s a link to the band’s facebook page.

Brian plays other instruments and one of them is the guitar and he does remix tweaking in the studio. So other than being a musician, this guy is a sounds man who knows the concept of the whole recording process. He also sings. He has quite a range by the way. A soulful kind of vocal style which reminds me a bit of Brian Kennedy and another Brian-Brian McKnight. I have to admit, listening to him puts one in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers mood while doing the Irish Jig  that goes down as easy as Guinness. He has branched out to other musical pursuits but A New Shade of Green stands out as one of the intriguing Celtic releases for this year.

We all know fusion fuels everything that happens here and Brian is leading the spark. So come on, lets get into the groove all ya gansta horse!


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