Creeping The Celtic Tenors US Tour

Cathy Jordan speaks. 

I was listening to Martin Bridgeman doing an interview with Cathy Jordan for his show Blas Glas. I was really surprised to learn that she has never released a solo album of her own before and All The way Home is the first step in breaking the ice. I  really enjoyed the candid way  the interview was presented on air. Anyway, this video is from LiveTrad. Enjoy!

The Celtic Tenors US Tour.

Well well well the guys are in the United States promoting their latest album  Feels Like Home which by the way I like listening to again and again.  Now if you like them you can try creeping at their tour pictures via facebook.  For those who missed my exclusisve interview with   Matthew Gilsenan it is here:

I Got the CD today! 

I received the Aulaga Folk Album today called A Menos Cuarto  and I have just put the CD in. Beautiful sounds. I will be reviewing this soon. This is great stuff! The music is universal and it gets to you right away.Thank you Juan Carlos for the kind note and also for this 3 CD album all the way from Spain.

Great Review of the Celtic Band Poitin from Celtic Music Magazine 

A cracking good tune from Poitín with pics from sessions, gigs, and May Day frolicking in general. CDs available from Amazon, iTunes, More about the band at

When The Celtic Music Fan believes in a product produced by a wonderful band, it is always consistent with its praises. I am proud to announce that the band Poitin from the Czech Republic received another wonderful review by Jan Jacob Mekes. Please read it here:   and you should check out these session photos  from Special Sunday Session at U Rocha Plzen


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