Music Fund Raising and Other Events

There are people I know who are helping out in a musical fund-raising and I thought of helping by doing research myself. Let me show you this wonderful link  by Martha from Just Giving site. You might get something out of this: =====================================================

Lignit: Bluegrass band from the Czech Republic 

Members: Bohumil Maršálek – kytara, zpěv Milan Maršálek – banjo, zpěv Pavel Kielberger – housle, zpěv Jiří Králíček – basa, zpěv Pavel Čengery – kytara, zpěv Jeremy King – bodhrán, zpěv When music is reproduced in another culture, the result is always interesting. Take for instance this band from Prague that plys Bluegrass. To hear that type of music sang in Czech is really something. It is like a drink that you mix with another drink and the result is interesting. However, this type of venture does not always work with all types . But Jeremy of Poitin band who is an English professor by the way has a sense of hip. He know how to turn a distinct sound and make it better.  I hope you enjoy Lignit the way I did. And oh, I totally dig Czech because I met someone from that country a decade ago. Like them in facebook:ítěz-Talent-Country-Radia-2011/115891951775876?ref=ts  Visit the official website: You can download the free audio here but even though the band don’t mind, you can help them out by blogging about them and go to their concerts if you happen to be in the Czech Republic. I know I would love to go but I am in the Philippines…so that’s it. =====================================================

 Cecile Corbel videos

I still remember the interview I did with her a long time ago:    

Nolwenn Leroy and Alan Stivell

I know there are people who will think that she is too pop to represent Breton music. But this video along with Alan Stivell is interesting. What do you think?

American record label to release Gaelic album!!


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