Battlefield Band: 4 Decades of Great Scottish Music

I mentioned yesterday that March is a month of great concerts. After four decades in the music scene, the Battlefield Band is in the middle of their Australian tour. The new album Line-Up received positive reviews upon its release late last year.The song  That’s How Strong My Love Is proves to captivate and warm you with its lyrics that is straight forward and at the same time ingratiating. The beautiful male vocals of Sean O’Donnell is embellished with instrumental arrangements that define the band’s experience in captivating listeners around the world. A’ Bhriogais Uallach (The Pompous Trousers) showcases that  amazing bagpipe parts. I love the mixing in this track because everything sounds crunchy and lush. The vocal harmonies are also haunting. Lovers & Friends is one of those rebel songs that is very relevant considering the current political climate all over.

I have been following this band since early last year and they get better and better with time.

You can get a copy of Line-Up from Temple Records.  or the band’s official website:


Jimmy’s Corner

Here’s today’s playlist from a bodhran player based in Lyon France. I included my own personal opinions in each of the songs.

Been a fan of Aine Minogue since the 90’s. It is a surprise to see her in this playlist.

written by John Connolly, from the 2010 album “The Wind.” Available at Sandbar Music ( Find out more about the artist at

Vocals and guitar: John Connolly, Keyboard: Todd MacLean, Fiddle: Cynthia MacLeod.

Recorded live at The Carriage House, Beaconsfield Historic Properties in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Jan. 24, 2011

Audio production: Daniel Ledwell, lead camera and video editing: Patrick Ledwell, second camera: Christian Ledwell. Produced by Sustain Creative (

Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon – Andy Cutting

One of those accordion pieces that makes your eyeballs roll with pleasure.

Frigg performs at Middle Earth in Bradford, Vermont on May 3, 2007.

The strings make you want to jump and dance. It is like that feeling of a rubber being pulled back and forth. The sound is really flexible and bouncy.

Ronan McGinley & Sophie Griffin – JCB Song

The beauty of the song is through its simple arrangement and lots of space. I love Ronan’s accent.

The Flyin’ Fiddle – Ghost O!!
The title track from their album released August 2011.
The Flyin’ Fiddle are a five-piece folk band from the lough neagh area of County Tyrone and County Derry. Their second album is due out summer 2012. Find us on facebook to find out any more details

One of the most beautiful tracks I heard this month from a very fashionable looking band. People, keep your radars on. This band is going  places. “I will never forget where I come from”..that sticks with me. The young and the beautiful….

Recorded for RTE 1’s “The View”, Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

You gotta be from another planet if you don’t know the band Caladh Nua!

The Punch Brothers brought the cool and slick in Bluegrass music. I am totally addicted to these guys and I admit Chris Thile turns the mandolin into Poseidon’s trident-electrifying.

Christina Martin performing live for us in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia for Nova Scotia Music Week.

I totally dig Canadians!


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