Twins and Small Town Stories


I am rocking my body listening to The Kennedy Sisters. It was a link (and all the links in this post) sent by a friend who is a father to twins. Their song Already Miss You got to me that I had to stop what I was doing and hold back the overwhelming emotion from spilling out. Music can do that to me. And these twin sisters created an album that not a single track is weak. All the songs in the EP Small Town Stories will get to you be it due to their sweetness, fast tempo or the how the tracks speak to you intimately that makes you say hey, I exactly feel that way.

Aside from the wonderful lyrics, the merit of this album is also due to the musical richness and now these sisters put out a truly artfully crafted album that begs for multiple listens. Their voices blend beautifully and I am such a sucker for harmonies. I got that after listening to a lot of Mamas and Papas as a kid and later on Enya and Clannad. So harmonies get to me so easily. “Small town stories, they take me home” they sing in their title track. And I second to that. Most of the wonderful things we want to listen to, be it in TV or movies always deal with getting to know the characters closely and the small town stories that hold everything together. This album shines like reflected light on golden pond..of it’s what the pond looks golden anyway. It is everything that holds the tracks together-plus the sheer talent of these twins.

Listen to the streaming music here:


The folowing videos are all about twin performers in Irish and Celtic music


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Please listen with HEADPHONES for richer more complex sound and fuller bass lines!!

Identical Twins Camille&Kennerly play their duet harp arrangement of “Zombie” (The Cranberries) on their Electric Harps!

Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley are excellent young fiddle and piano virtuosos from Orkney, a group of islands just off the north coast of Scotland. The twin sisters are preserving Orkney’s local musical traditions while at the same time composing important new material. Their Orcadian music is quite distinct, reflecting not only their Scottish heritage but also these islands’ strong Norwegian ties. Orkney’s geographic isolation has led to a deep sense of self-reliance and independence among its people, who consider themselves Orcadians first and Scots second. Both this independence and pride are happily reflected in Orcadian music. Here, the Wrigley Sisters perform “Skeldaquoy Point”, “The Hawk Reel” and “The Salvation Reel”.

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Music video by The Proclaimers performing Love Can Move Mountains. (C) 2009 SLG, LLC

Celtic Twins

Listen to their songs here:



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