MIRC and Nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic with Robert Doyle leading the way …

I discovered a channel called MIRC thirteen years ago. I know people of this age might no longer know what I am talking about but Mirc is an international relay chat that people used  in order to communicate to other people all over the world in real time other than sending emails. Like yahoo messenger and other chat software, mirc offers not only  downloading music or picture files sent by someone but it has commands that are nifty which still depend heavily on scripts rather than the graphic user interface.

There was this channel I used to frequent everyday called ‘music’ . I had no computer at that time and chatting meant going to a cyber cafe and paying for an amount of time for renting a cubicle. Who would have thought that windows 98 would be obsolete a couple of years later? Remembering how the World Wide Web looked like at that time is a far cry from what it is now and what it represents in general. There was no official Enya, Clannad or Chieftains site back then. Internet streaming was limited to dial up-which was an acceptable idea of a decent connection.

I got back to that channel today and found  only one familiar person. I started talking about the old guys, and how things have changed and yet the internet seems to put everything in a capsule that makes time stand still in one place and move fast in others. I mentioned the names of people I remember, and they sound like ghosts now. Maybe for them I am like a ghost too…no longer the bob24 that they  once knew. And I was not  even 24 yet when I started.

Part of us will always revisit these old places in the mind and anywhere else, be it physical or in cyberspace. The mind doesn’t know the difference. When you know someone, and when you care about that person, the mind or heart for that matter doesn’t really know the difference.And though the internet is a wonderful place where everything is possible in terms of music  marketing and publishing, the downside is that it can make you feel so lonely. And I know the  time before it existed and after. And that will always haunt me.

Putting it out there..

When a band adds me in twitter and other social networking sites I always take time to go to their site and listen. Curiosity in this business always pays.

Athena Tergis & Michael G. Rose performing Gypsy Dance / Golden Castle at Admiral Gjedde’s Gaard in Copenhagen, Sept. 2011.http://www.tergisrosemusic.com

Follow Athena and Michael on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/tergisrosemusic

Tradschool is organising an Irish flute and whistle workshop from March 31 to April 1 2012,  in Théus in the Hautes-Alpes (France)

The workshop takes place over one weekend, with accommodation and meals included; it is aimed at intermediate to advanced players of Irish wooden flute and tin whistle.

  Irish Violin MakerPaul Martens is a violin maker and viola maker based in Madison, Wisconsin.

He trained at Indiana University’s String Instrument Technology program taught by Professor Thomas Sparks from 2003-2005 and was the assistant instructor from 2005-2006.  The curriculum consisted of violin making, repair, restoration, history, and identification of classic instruments.  Indiana University’s School of Music also provided an opportunity to see and examine hundreds of fine instruments from makers such as: Antonio Stradivari, Nicolo Amati, G.B. Guadagnini, and many more.
Paul moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 2006 where he worked for Spruce Tree Music and Lane’s Lutherie.

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