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Donie Ryan has completed a series of paintings called “Piece of Timber”. I am struck by his minimalist style. I was whooping with joy when one of his art found its way to my doorstep. He likes giving his art o his friends because according to him “i get more of a kick giving my art to friends than selling it, but sure i hardly ever sell anything anyway” he and his friend Mick make a perfect tandem. They like to goof around and are associated with Dublin’s young artistic crowd. His expertise moves beyond the brush. All the frames you see, he sculpted them himself. This guy works with wood and other than occasional back pains , he loves doing it for the spirit of fun. Just the way I do this blog too-all in the name of fun.

We  talked about the Baltimore Fiddle fair  in the West of Cork where he worked as a bartender during  summer. That’s where he met Moya Brennan of Clannad. “oh i just served and prepared some of the food a magical place for me”.  ive been going on holiday there since i was 12. my second home.

Donie has plans of travelling and developing his art. His subjects are anti-war and I share his passion for peace and having great fun with music and friends. One day he will have an art show and I don’t want to miss that big event. Here are the paintings.

The artwork I got.

The artwork I got.


This one is called  “Skitzo Jaws”:Painting/Sculpture

Here are the tunes from the Fiddle fair and I hope you enjoy the paintings with

this music as soundtrack.


Baltimore Fiddle Fair 2009, inside the pubs and out. “Any Old Time” performs on a warm sunny day in May.