Goodies From The Mail and Blast from the Past

“The Traveler”, songs written with the love of ‘The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem’ and ‘The Dubliners’, with modern sensibilities.

Trip McCool has exciting tunes recorded for his album The Traveler.  I enjoyed all track in the album. Dennis Dougherty is the man behind it. He stated in his website about the revelation while looking at an old cottage in County Iane in Donegal. These are songs of ordinary folks ” the tenants worked, sweated and died all with the intention to make life for their children and grandchildren a bit easier. Here, dreams of America and prosperity were born while the weak and the young died.” All the tunes in the album reflect that workman’s humor with elements of Rock, Folk and traditional.

I love the song Black Eyes Susan and the interesting lyrics about cruising Temple Bar and how this certain Susan is wearing this nice leather costume,and that she  played the fiddle.The is further described as having the blackest eyes in all Ireland..

Here are the tracks off The Traveller

1. Ireland, Oh Ireland
2. Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill (Trad)
3. St. Paddy’s Wagon
4. Black Eyed Susan
5. A Sheep For Mr. Wolff
6. Ah Dee Oh Da
7. The Poteen Man
8. Me Father Was A Shepherd
9. The Choir From Hell
10. The Shirt That No One Wore
11. My Donegal
12. Every Step Of The Road

Check out his main website and listen to the song samples:


I had a great time talking to Jeremy via his forum yesterday. He mentioned that his band is reissuing their album from 2000 in which the high powered Congress Reel is taken.

Check this Soundclick site to hear the tunes.

” SoundClick was the first music site we signed up with I think- even before MySpace. I think it was because of Marc Gunn that we created a SoundClick account in the first place. We thought, ‘If he’s doing it, then it must be good…’



Classic Video from The Pogues

It is really fun to have young Irish friends with great sense of humor. I was given this video to help ‘cheer’ me up. What can I say? The Pogues are the only Irish band who can get away with anything crazy -including naughty song titles and album.


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