Escape by Éalú

About the band:

”  Dynamic quartet who play Irish traditional music with a twist”.

Band members:

Ryan Murphy- Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Saxophone.

Cillian King- Concertina, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals.

Francis Ward- Piano.

Dermot Sheedy- Bodhrán, Drums, General Percussion.

Genre: Traditional,Folk, Acoustic, Jazz

Hometown: Limerick


Sample tracks:

That’s the Life


Getting Jiggy


You can buy Escape from the official website of the band.


As the title of the album suggests, listening to Éalú is an escape from the ordinary into the exciting world of colors and textures created by sounds encompassing Jazz, Celtic and Dance music. Escape, the debut album is now out. The cover artwork depicts splashes of paint against a dark brick wall. Each member brings his own style into the mix. For instance, the often times haunting piano intro of Francis Ward creates that calming balance to the driving percussion of Dermot Sheedy. Ryan Murphy’s stunning command of the uilleann pipes, flute, whistles and even saxophones are all complemented by the rich vocals of Cillian King who also plays the concertina and guitar.

Songs like San Francisco Bay Blues stick with me because of its 20’s jazz appeal. Cillian here sounds like a cross between Harry Connick jr and Marti Pellow of Scottish band Wet Wet Wet. Catch the Wind (originally done by Donovan)has that breezy acoustic guitar strumming and epic singing that stays with you like a glimpse to the best moments of your life. Marion McLean of Eoligary is stunning with its simplicity and grace. That’s Life is so beautifully done that it makes you wish you sound like Cillian King when you sing! The album closes with the stunning Hale-Bop that showcases what makes Éalú the cream of the crop among young Irish bands today.


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