LiveTrad:Moya and Aisling

I wrote about LiveTrad and did an interview in my previous article. The people behind it deserve our cheers as they continue to bring traditional Irish music to the world. Well, I was happy when I heard that Moya Brennan was going to be featured along with her daughter Aisling.  It is nice to see Moya perform in such an intimate setting with just few instruments . Her voice can really take the whole room with it’s confounding mystery.

I am also going to note here that Aisling Jarvis is creating her own musical path. I have heard her older tracks in myspace when she was just starting to compose and perform. Her style is modern with ethereal flavor and electronic embellishments.  It is really great to see both of them perform together.  I am happy to watch these videos despite my flu. This sickness is getting to my friends these days. I think it always happens when the weather moves from cold to warm. Anyway thanks to LiveTrad for capturing these moments on video.




More of these if you go to LiveTrad youtube channel


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