Sharing songs

Now my friend Christi will have an idea where I also get my ideas.  Believe  me my friend Jimmy is a better scout  when it comes to Celtic music. I do wish Tim will start posting too so I can steal his ideas(wicked laughter).

Mick Flannery

Now this song from Eleanor McEvoy is not just compelling because of its beautiful acoustic arrangement, driven by the piano. It is also because of the lyrics to quote: It is a simple love song about not wanting to face life and wanting so much for someone to make it all better – “Will you be a harbour? / At my shoulder / Always watching over / Try to hold me closer / Shelter me and shield me from the world”.


I featured Le Vent du Nord several moons ago and I am glad to be reminded of them and their brand of music once again.


Despite how outrageous the title sounds, it is actually an amazing show by The Friel sisters.  It says: The Friel sisters play a few tunes in the bathroom in the Hall in Milltown Malbay during Willie Clancy Week 2008.


Now here’s Mick Flannery who reminds me a bit of Richard Harris-the guy who gained fame through the song McArthur’s Park. His voice has that vulnerability found in crooners and the confidence that is inherent in most Irish singers. I got to read his website bio and got a kick out it. He seems funny and doesn’t really care about fame and all that glitter. Just a guy who loves to sing his heart out and tell you his story through his songs. I think he is on my top list of male performers for this year.


3 Replies to “Sharing songs”

  1. Love to get you a copy of new CD “The Traveler-Trip McCool” getting great reviews:
    Once in a while an album comes along that makes you go “Wow” – that is the reason why we first started listening to Celtic Music. Trip McCool has produced that “Wow” album and we would invite you to check out this compilation of talented songwriting and storytelling. These songs are raw, honest and fun to listen while having a few toasts with your friends. Trip has a powerful voice that will have you humming and singing along, almost like you were in a local pub. Certainly these songs will entertain you now and years from now.
    You that you will love Trip McCool – so add this one to your list for St. Patrick’s Day! 5 Irish stars from Celtic Radio!
    Send me an address. Thanks, Trip


  2. Jimmy has been a great source of good music, you are so right on that! I’m glad I found him and am again able to enjoy his picks for Celtic music!

    Great thoughts on these musicians and their music. I loved Le Vent du Nord! I also loved the folk song by Eleanor McEvoy. The words reach deep for me right now. And that piece “in the bathroom,” was fabulous! Kind of reminded me of the songs done during rock and rolls early years to create an effect!


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