Learn Celtic Fiddle with Gillian Boucher

Hi folks. Just discovered this wonderful fiddle musician/ teacher . I think my time on social networking sites like facebook exposed me to materials posted by other Celtic music lovers.  Like all best fiddle players that Cape Breton can offer, Gillian leads her pack like comets blazing the night sky of Celtic music. Fiddle playing has never been sweeter, infectious and explosive the way she does it. For those who are audience of Celtic Colors then you might have noted her performance from2008 to 2011. She already earned the Nova Scotia Music Week Award in 2009 for Roots Traditional Recording of the Year and an East Coast Music Award Nomination in early 2010 in the same category. Her playing is transporting and I can close my eyes and reach places in the mind that is not possible to access in the physical state.

This site http://gillian-boucher.com  lets you hear tracks from her album Elemental(2008).  She is working on a new album to be released this year.

I dedicate this post to my friend Nancie in Lyon France who is a fiddle player herself. I hope that one day I will hear her play.


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